“Talented, Insightful & Client Centered”

We recently bought our first house and had some sense of how we wanted it to look but no idea where to start to bring the design together into a cohesive whole - thank goodness for Paula. In a very short time, she understood what we wanted and gave refreshing, exciting and insightful ideas and advice. She revealed to us what the possibilities of our house were and painted a clear picture of where to take it. She was a joy to work with and we felt listened to and understood all the way, as well as encouraged to be bold and daring. Her style of communicating is gentle and supportive and her expertise and talent are truly evident in the way she presents options. One of the best investments we made in this project. We couldn’t have done it without her and warmly and wholeheartedly recommend her.
— Paula Hamilton
Their creativity and solutions orientated approach was a breath of fresh air from the outset, and Paula’s ability to listen to your thoughts and concerns and translate both the known, and here’s the really clever part, the unknown ideas into reality, was amazing to behold. It is unusual in any walk of life to find someone who can do both the strategic big picture vision and also the intricate detailed planning, but Paula covers that entire spectrum, brilliantly.
— Gillian King

“Hired Paula as an Interior designer in 2008, and hired Paula more than once”

Paula is so naturally confident and intuitive with her design (and people) skills, it makes for an incredibly comfortable and effective working relationship. She listens to what you want and why, with an enthusiastic but no-nonsense approach to finding solutions. Her enthusiasm for quality design is contagious and seems to inspire those around her to achieve a good finish too. Just a wonderful person to know and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Keavy McMinn
Paula’s understanding of colour is simply wonderful. She understood my own style and helped me see that my home could be transformed through something as simple (and economical) as choosing a new colour scheme. Paula encouraged me to consider options and colours that I would never have been brave enough to try on my own. I’m delighted with the results. We have another part of the house that we will work on next year, I won’t hesitate to get in touch with Paula again.
— Deborah Lonsdale
Paula has a fantastic eye for design, appreciates that functionality and attention to detail are both key, but best of all she sees a job through to completion no matter what obstacles are encountered along the way. The great job she made of my home makes me smile every day (quite literally!) and I will definitely seeking her services again in the future.
— Jo Ellison
Your attention to detail at every stage was second to none and you have succeeded in transforming a dark and damp old house into a light and airy holiday home that we, family and friends now enjoy. It was a real pleasure to work with you.
— The Wilsons