Habitare - Your home designed for you, with you

The Latin root of the word ‘Habitare' means to live, to dwell and to inhabit. We think it sums up our focus perfectly.

Habitare is a creative residential interior design studio founded by Paula Murray. Paula graduated from Interior Design from the Glasgow School of Art in 1994 with First Class Honours. She has worked on residential interior design projects and brand environments in Europe, Australia, China and the UK.

Our projects range from; simple shower or bathroom renovations, advising solely on colour, to designing and project managing extensions and complete house builds. The interior stuff is what we’re best at, so we normally team up with an architect for house extensions.

One of our clients recently said ‘If you think design is expensive try doing it yourself. Mistakes cost more than good design’. We believe good design should be accessibly priced, and sometimes all a client needs is a few hours of support and they are well on their way to creating their ideal home environment.

We begin with a functional need and a target price. We use our knowledge of innovation, design and detailing experience to create functional spaces, that look great!

Habitare is the sister company of Supertonic for Design.


What does the swallow represent? 

Swallows return to the same nest every year which they create with significant effort and beauty. Native to Scotland and Fife, they are beautiful, agile, distinctive and admired. We give the same thought into how we approach your project and help you to create your ideal home.