Woodbank | Fife


Project Woodbank Cottage
Location Fife

Package Type Lite

Brief and Scope Offer design support and guidance with colour and finishes for a 4 bed home.

Design Approach
Our client moved to a new home. They had an extremely good idea of what each space should feel like, but were slightly unsure how all the spaces would feel together.

We worked together to establish what the ‘feature’ elements of each space would be and how colour could be used to create a unifying flow through the house.

We recently bought our first house and had some sense of how we wanted it to look but no idea where to start to bring the design together into a cohesive whole - thank goodness for Paula. In a very short time, she understood what we wanted and gave refreshing, exciting and insightful ideas and advice. She revealed to us what the possibilities of our house were and painted a clear picture of where to take it. She was a joy to work with and we felt listened to and understood all the way, as well as encouraged to be bold and daring. Her style of communicating is gentle and supportive and her expertise and talent are truly evident in the way she presents options. One of the best investments we made in this project. We couldn’t have done it without her and warmly and wholeheartedly recommend her.
— Paula & Corado

Completed photos


Before & During

David & George