King phase 2 | Glasgow

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Project K House.
Location Glasgow

Package Type Full Works

Brief and Scope An existing client, was keen to replace their conservatory with an extension. The conservatory was either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, so a different solution was required.

Design Approach
While working on phase one of the clients home, we had discussed the future extension and knew how the spaces should function. It was important to create a strong link to the garden.

Photography by Neale Smith

Paula’s ability to listen to your thoughts and concerns and translate both the known, and here’s the really clever part, the unknown ideas into reality, was amazing to behold. It is unusual in any walk of life to find someone who can do both the strategic big picture vision and also the intricate detailed planning, but Paula covers that entire spectrum, brilliantly.
— Gillian

Completed photos


Before & During

Plans & Elevations

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